Saturday, 18 March 2017

Recyclix scammers packing their bags already?

Recyclix has resigned from the upcoming PRS (Plastics Recycling Show) Europe event in which the ponzi pyramid was supposed to attend on March 29th – 30th. Google webcache still showed that the company was listed on exhibitor list with reservation for stand D38. The capture of the web page was from 13th March 2017. Current list of exhibitors hasn't got Recyclix anymore on it. Thus the company has resigned from the event.

This could indicate that the scam is very close to closure. There are already herds of members complaining on Facebook pages about pending withdrawals.

Participating in events as an exhibitor has been a clever and relatively cheap way for Recyclix to build up credibility as a seemingly legitimate company. In addition the scammers have organised open days in some recycling plants to mask the scam as a genuine recycling company. This has led members not question anything - let alone high and steady incomes - which has made it possible for Recyclix to run until now.

The next step might be police investigations after members file criminal reports. As the company is located in Poland, at least some of the members might even get some of their money back. It all depends on how much money was stuck in the frozen bank accounts and how much authorities can confiscate assets.

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