Friday, 14 April 2017

Kazakhstani onecoiners going to be sued for investment fraud

Tengri News from Kazakhstan published news about Kazakhstani OneCoin members being sued for investment fraud related to the infamous pseudo cryptocurrency.

According to Tengri News it seems that there's a group of fraudsters held responsible for the large scale scam in Kazakhstan. The article only names one of them, "Mirsaitova" ("Мирсаитова"). (Translated from the article by Google Translate):

Economic Investigation Service of Astana SDD provides pre-trial proceedings against members OneLife companies for fraud on a large scale, reports with reference to press-service agency.

"It is established that Mirsaitova DK and others have established an extensive network of activists working in all regions of the country, which was administered by cheating depositors misleading represents independent marketing partners OneLife Bulgarian company, touting the exclusivity they implement the so-called cryptocurrency OneCoin", - said in a statement.

Again there's a bunch of OneCoin's money laundering companies used to make sure that the victims would not see their money again:

Subsequently borrowed from investors funds for an established criminal scheme under the guise of online learning derived from Kazakhstan by listing the numerous accounts of companies registered in Singapore, England, Australia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Denmark, USA, UAE and China.

Tengri News let's us know also the total sum of money the fraudsters have gathered from Kazakhstan:

According to preliminary data, in the period from 2015 to the present time, the total amount of funds raised defrauded investors amounted to over 2.2 billion tenge.
- 2.2 billion Kazakshtan tenge is about 6.6 million euros.


  1. I found "Dilbar Mirsaitova" on Facebook:

    She lives in Kazakhstan and is pictured on hundreds of photos as organizer and presenter.

    1. Looks like she's going to get some education about Kazakhstani criminal law.

  2. Dilbar Mirsaitova


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