Wednesday, 26 April 2017

OneCoin scammer Tom McMurrain trying to have my Facebook account closed

Tom McMurrain is a OneCoin promoter from the U.S. who has been a key speaker in several events and also actively promoting OneCoin through social media. He organises frequently webinars to do his best at spreading the ponzi disease.

Today morning I was informed that he had been bragging during a webinar about filing a report against my Facebook account trying to get it removed. I checked the webinar in question and there McMurrain was laughing and stating:  "We have these people from the Bitcoin community that dislike OneCoin. And so if you see their profiles be sure to report them, because I'm getting a whole bunch of them... I've got Ari's..." And then he continues dropping names of the accounts he reported.

A screencapture taken from McMurrain's webinar about the attempt to have my FB account removed.

I have no clue on what basis he had filed a report about my FB account. There really aren't any other reasons whatsoever but him disliking my criticism towards OneCoin. McMurrain's report against my Facebook account was of course ineffective. However, what I find very disturbing is McMurrain encouraging others to report my account as well. This is not at all how someone doing a legitimate business works. This is how a malicious ponzi fraudster works. 

McMurrain chickens out from the India tour

McMurrain was supposed to go on a tour in India to host meetings in four cities starting from 27th to 30th of April. However, he seems to have suddenly changed his plans after news were published 25th April about 18 OneCoin ponzi scammers arrested in India. The article makes it very clear that the Indian police consider OneCoin being a ponzi scheme. As McMurrain has already spent 5 years in prison in the U.S. I guess he wasn't eager to get to visit an Indian jail. 

McMurrain and other OneCoin affiliates claim that OneCoin only sells education. Well, this video clip alone presents the real deal: 

Today's news report even more arrests made in India. I spotted this post on BehindMLM informing that 4 other ponzi affiliates were booked. Here's also a link to the original article titled "Investors were told they would get massive returns in Dec 2018".

What did the chicken say at the event in India? - Nothing, because he never turned up.

"Become a Digital Currency Warrior"

This is a slogan McMurrain is using to attract new victims to join OneCoin ponzi. 

"We are getting rich!" - Oh, I thought OneCoin was about education.

He likes to attach this screenshot taken from movie Gladiator to boost his message. Well, the character played by Russel Crow, Maximus, dies at the end of the movie after fighting the movie villain Commodus. 

I have to admit that there's certainly an analogy there. At the beginning of the movie Commodus betrays Maximus big time and takes away everything from him, killing his family in the process. - So Commodus represents OneCoin quite accurately... except it doesn't exactly kill anyone's family other than economically.

So, anyone willing to become a "Digital Currency Warrior" for McMurrain? Anyone?


  1. You humiliated that poor chicken by replacing its head

    1. Well, it donated its body for a good cause.

  2. As a funny coincident McMurrain removed the references to movie Gladiator soon after I had published this blog post.

  3. McMurrain is having a good time with his new CoinMD scam. His target is third world countries..Nigeria and Philippines.

    1. I have noticed that too.

      I find it rather strange that well over half of the traffic to the scam site is coming from Nigeria:

      There has been an explosive increase of traffic during the last month:
      – I guess there's a Nigerian prince promising wealth for everyone.


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