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Chris Principe suing Tim Curry for defamation

Tim Curry (aka Tayshun) posted the following news today on BehindMLM:

Chris Principe, the publisher of Financial IT magazine, has sued Curry for defamation. Mr Principe, who is mostly known from his support to OneCoin ponzi scheme, is now claiming that Curry has damaged his reputation and caused "loss of business and loss of income in excess of $75,000".

Chris Principe, publisher of Financial IT and FinFuture magazines

Excuse me, Mr Principe - you have only yourself to blame for ruining your reputation. You were the one sticking your head into the butthole of a ponzi scheme. And there must be a reason why your head still is there.

The Complaint

Here's the whole complaint in case interested. Let's have a look at some parts of it though:
24. In February 2016, Financial IT featured a photograph of Ruja Ignatova on its cover and an article about OneCoin, a cryptocurrency promoted by Ms. Ignatova and her company, Onecoin Ltd. and which is a competitor to BitCoin. 
- This issue was an exact copy of the previous issue replacing some ads with an article about OneCoin. This is also the one and only issue Financial IT is selling on its web page in contrast to any other issue published by the magazine that are downloadable free of charge.

Mr Principe making sure that his dearest issue of Financial IT would be visible on TV.

25. Neither Ms. Ignatova nor OneCoin Ltd. paid Plaintiff or Financial IT for that cover and article. 
- This is rather strange, because Financial IT seems to operate heavily depending on advertising material, which includes articles published in it. 
26. Plaintiff also gave a speech in June 2016 about the uses and benefits of cryptocurrencies in global trade at an event hosted by OneCoin Ltd. in London, England. 
- So Mr Principe was participating an event held by a ponzi scheme. Please, you don't have to rub it on my eyes. 
27. Plaintiff was not paid for that speech by Ms. Ignatova or OneCoin Ltd. 
- Oh, Mr Principe must have a golden heart then. - I mean actual gold. Was it a gift from OneCoin? 
28. Neither Ms. Ignatova nor OneCoin Ltd. has ever paid Plaintiff or Financial IT for any publication, speech or support. 
- Nevertheless, like I already pointed out, Financial IT is gaining financially from selling the issue with Ruja on its cover. Mr Principe also shows strange affection towards OneCoin despite the company has been labeled as a ponzi/pyramid scheme by authorities from several countries and media sources.
29. Plaintiff is not an employee of OneCoin Ltd. Nor is Plaintiff a paid sponsor or representative of OneCoin Ltd. 
- Well, that's ought to be written to somewhere or tattooed on his forehead, because it has been very, very, very confusing.
30. Defendant consistently refers to OneCoin as a Ponzi scheme and a criminal enterprise in his Tweets and posts on the Internet. 
- Yes, as it is a ponzi scheme. So what is the problem? 
31. In many of Defendant’s Tweets and posts, Defendant has falsely claimed, and without any evidence, that Plaintiff has engaged in criminal activity by being paid by, and working to support, OneCoin Ltd.
-  Well, Mr Principe does support OneCoin Ltd, who is a blatant ponzi pyrami scheme. If he does not get paid from doing so, the reasons for his actions and behavior are beyond me.

The complaint also states:

16. Plaintiff has enjoyed a good reputation both generally and in his occupation.  
- That must have been prior to endorsing a ponzi scheme. 
17. Plaintiff’s clients have highly recommended him to others and have referred to him as, among other things, “a real expert in trade finance and supply chain,” “one of the most visionary Trade Finance and Financial Supply Chain executives in the space,” and “a diligent and highly experienced worker.” 
- As the publisher of Financial IT and by publicly supporting OneCoin Mr Principe is to be held responsible for having an influence on the decision making of ponzi victims worldwide and thus causing financial losses to masses of people.

Mr Principe publishing stolen content

I couldn't find Chris Principe mentioned on Financial IT's current media kit. In the earlier version Mr Principe still was referred as the publisher of the magazine. Yet the complaint accusing Curry for defamation states that he still is the publisher of Financial IT and an owner of the magazine. Also his LinkedIn profile shows a current position as the publisher.

Anyways, Mr Principe and some onecoiners have been touting that he has started to publish a new magazine called FinFuture. According to his LinkedIn profile he has been the president of FinFuture since June 2016.

The website of the new magazine is still a mess despite being online quite some time already. However there's a good reason for the messy look. That's because most of the content - if not all - has been stolen from other websites and blogs. The stolen content seems to include also pictures purchased or copyrighted by the original publishers.

The content of the Fin-Future website is largely stolen from various sources.

Using the search option of FinFuture's website causes a hilarious result. Using "onecoin" as a search word shows results of stolen content about news related to police investigation of OneCoin and the scheme getting banned in Germany. At the same time there is an advertising picture of FinFuture magazine showing Ruja Ignatova on the cover:

I renovated the logo a bit to describe the magazine more appropriately:

Update 13 October 2016

The website of Fin-Future magazine has been now removed - apparently for good, because the account has been suspended:

However, it looks like Chris Principe didn't have long term plans for the magazine anyway. The registration of the domain was set to expire already in August 2017:

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  1. Lets not forget the video where Principe is calculating with other Onecoin scammers how "OneCoin will be the biggest company of the world worth TRILLIONS" based on the fake coin fake market-cap.


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