Tuesday, 13 June 2017

OneCoin - Greetings to the Sofia office!

Greetings to you, dear visitor from the headquarters of the ponzi!

Now that I know there are employees - maybe even Dr. Ignatova herself - from OneCoin's office popping by every now and then, why not spend a while answering some questions? I mean, you could easily clean the name of OneCoin by answering some simple questions. Well, I know you won't, but aren't we having fun already?

And just to make clear to everyone that you have been visiting, here are some statistics of my blog:

All in all there has been 66 sessions since 19 August 2016 originating to a service provider "sot scurity technics" located in Sofia. I had already been suspecting that the service provider in questions might be referring to visits made from OneCoin's headquarters. Just recently visits referring to a "ticket" emerged and confirmed my suspicions.

OneCoin's customer service uses a ticket system to handle any questions the ponzi victims might have. So it's obvious that a member has made complaints or questions about my blog to OneCoin's customer service. Hence the visits referring to the ticket system.

I find it likely that the vast majority if not all the visits from sot scurity technics came from OneCoin's headquarters.

Question time!

Well, what to ask you, dear representative of OneLife Network Ltd. There are so many questions, many of them already asked in this blog without any answers given. Not even by onecoiners. 

Well, here we go!
1. What is the education included in the most expensive education packages you sell? For example those top four on this list: 

Bonus questions: What's the point selling combo packages? Why is it even possible to buy several identical education packages, let alone a member having multiple accounts all with same education packages? Aren't you supposed to sell only education?

2. Why did you lie about having a blockchain? - It's evident that you haven't had one, so we can cut the bullshit. 

3. Why wasn't the White Paper published?

4. What's the point of the KYC procedure when you're supposed to provide a cryptocurrency to people without proper documents for identification? OneCoin's KYC procedure prevents anyone without an ID to even possess any coins. 

5. Why has Ruja Ignatova been lying? For example: 
- She has claimed having no experience related to network marketing prior to OneCoin. However she was involved in BigCoin scam before OneCoin. 
- When asked in 2016 why almost all coin sell offers tend to expire, she claimed it was caused by the time difference: "When you're awake China sleeps." This was just utter illogical nonsense that had no relevance to the inner market place. 
- She has been implying being a cryptocurrency genius creating a cryptocurrency called OneCoin. However, there hasn't been a cryptocurrency. Just toy money.

Alrighty, just five questions for now. You are spending time here anyway so there's no reason not to clear these things that cast an enormous shadow over OneCoin/OneLife... Unless, of course, it's a ponzi pyramid scam.

Oh, just one additional question. How can you work for an international ponzi scheme? Does it require anything else than total absence of moral backbone?

PS. Thank's to the member ticketing the customer service! You know who you are.

Update 14 June, 2017 - The day after:

Among today's visitors:

Some details (not visible on the screenshot) indicate that those visits were made by three individuals.


  1. Regarding point 4 though in reality. There's no KYC implemented even though CEO Pierre Arens claims that all transactions have KYC.
    - you can create an account a buy a package without KYC
    - you can "mine" coins without KYC
    - you can transfer coins within your network like&with limits, but without KYC
    - you can get a coupon from DealShaker without KYC
    - you can exchange coins to officially worthless OFCs without KYC

    1. Well, as we know the real reason behind OneCoin insisting KYC documents is kind of obvious. - It's just to slow down outgoing money flow. And like you pointed out, the whole KYC procedure is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary what comes to the coins.

      Above all, how to attach KYC documents to a nonexistent blockchain?

      But, for arguments sake I played along with OneCoin's marketing phrase close to Ruja's heartless chest: Think about the poor unbanked people!

  2. To me the ultimate proof of dr Ruja's "knowledge" is her statement in London event 2016 that "We all know bitcoin started before terrorist attacks, before 9/11 [2001]..."

    1. Well, she doesn't give a damn about laws of economics so why would she care much about historical accuracy either.

      But all this makes just perfect nonsense, like so many other details about OneCoin.

      Here's some direct quotes from Juha Parhiala:

      A webinar in April 2015:
      "I know a lot about cryptocurrency, because I was into Bitcoin... I bought Bitcoins back in 2009... I know how it works."

      Later on several occasions:
      "Mr. Sebastian called me one day and said Juha, are you interested and open to looking after a new thing - It's called cryptocurrency... Never heard about that!"

    2. All OneCULT Leaders lie. I've heard almost everyone of them state how they heard about bitcoin in 2009/2010 but their friends talked them out of it poor they "listened to Google." THERE WERE LIKE TWO NERD NEWS ARTICLES ON IT THEN! Lol! Were they hanging out with computer scientists back then, whom less than 0.01% of even THEN knew about out in the earliest years!? Just LMAO!

      Ruja herself says in some videos that she's been following bitcoin since 2011 and in others that she heard about it first in late 2013 (much more common because by then it was actually getting some Press!)

      Personally, I've run in creative, artistic and libertarian circles (Ron Paul friends, etc) for the last decade and a half and around the kinds of people whom you'd associate with "the freedom movement," yet still, it wasnt until February 28th, 2013 that I first heard of it.

      So how almost every single OneCULT team leader heard about it 2-3 years before me or anyone else is just laughable.

      Even McMurrain gives a story about how he bought x amount for x price in 2011 and his wife thought he was crazy, blah blah blah. I crunched his claims with bitcoin timeline and THEY DID NOT FALL WITHIN THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY BASED ON CHRONOLOGICAL ANALYSIS.

      Labine the same. Here told me that he hasn't even heard of bitcoin until 2014/ 2015, but lately he's claimed someone told him about it in 2010 and he read "it was a scam," so he didn't invest.

      Almost every last one of these people are pathological liars. It's disgusting!

    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn_PSJsl0LQ


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