Friday, 29 December 2017

Wahlroos claims Ignatova disappeared 9th October 2017

I guess this is now the biggest opportunity of a lifetime. (– Nope, they aren't that transparent. I confess that I Photoshopped the picture a bit.)

After getting kicked out from OneCoin scam, Kari Wahlroos swiftly moved on to another disreputable MLM based cryptocurrency scheme called DagCoin. Despite just recently boasting about OneCoin being the opportunity of a lifetime now Wahlroos states that OneCoin is "history".

The Facebook page of Wahlroos has his dismayed fans questioning him about the recent happenings. Let's have a look at some of the comments:

Kari Wahlroos has left the scam – with or without you.

Yeah, that must be really assuring to the victims of OneCoin.

Like this concerned OneCoin member addresses, Kari Wahlroos is now promoting DagCoin with identical sales pitches to the ones he used to promote OneCoin.

Wahlroos about DagCoin: 
"The best of the best ! Superior technology together with the perfect strategy !! This will happen - with or without you !" 
"This will be the biggest momemtum youve ever seen!! It is Now time to accept What is happening and Enjoy the ride! This will happen With or Without you!"

"Join the biggest launch ever happened in the Industry !" 
I am no longer with OLN (OneLife Network)
And now I am on the mission to launch the worlds biggest network marketing and cryptocurrency company...
Therefore, the answers on All questions that you have - ask directly to OneLife company and/or your sponsor."

OneCoin closed Wahlroos's account with 50 million onecoins

According to Wahlroos his OneLife/OneCoin account with 50 million coins has been closed. Calculating the value in euros using the current artificial coin value dictated by the company, that's about 1 billion euros Wahlroos lost. He sure is taking this gigantic loss lightly.

One would suspect that Wahlroos would sue the company for this kind of unfair treatment, especially after: "feeling confident that what I have done has always been in accordance with the company guidelines provided to me."

Mostly he's concerned about the 2 million euros worth of investment he claims to have made to the company. However, I'm pretty sure he got paid very well from touring all over the world as an Ambassador and preaching about OneCoin – well enough to forget the actual value (= 0 €) of those 50 million coins.

Ignatova disappeared 9th October 2017

Wahlroos states on his Facebook comments that Ignatova disappeared 9th October 2017. As there is such a precise date for the incident, I would presume that Wahlroos or someone else had tried to contact her from thereafter without any success.

As far as known Ignatova hasn't made any OneCoin related public appearances since July 2017.

According to Wahlroos there was no communication for three months. Yet he had no problems promoting the scam until been sacked from the position of OneLife Scambassador.

Comments made about a week ago on Wahlroos's Facebook page.

Update 30 December:

Well, I believe this comment by Kari Wahlroos says it all:

Update 31 December - The Mighty Eagle

I think there's a valuable lesson in this video clip:

Happy New Year All!


  1. Kari Wahlroos has (according to himself) lost 2 000 000 euros in fiat money as well as whopping 1 000 000 000 euros worth of OneCoins (using the face value of the coin he says is correct).
    I don't think there can be too much space spent for pointing out the fact he - instead of battling OneCoin/OneLife in court for his money - spends all of his efforts on a new scam!?!
    Any "investor" with common sense should be able to see that the master ambassador himself sees OneCoins worth 0 euros (as they are).

    1. Yes, by now it should be obvious to everyone that Wahlroos knows the coins aren't worth a squat.

      I also updated this blog post yesterday with Wahlroos's Instagram comment mocking OneCoin as a fake coin.

  2. BTW: ”Ignatova dissappeared on 9th of October 2017” says Kari. How did he have such an exact date?
    October 6th to 8th Kari was in this event:
    So maybe he was supposed to see Ruja after that and she did not show up?

    1. Sorry, for some reason I haven't received alerts from Blogger of comments waiting for check-up for around month.

      We can only guess what Wahlroos means about Ruja disappearing. I believe you are right and there was maybe supposed to be a meeting of some sorts and Ruja simply didn't show up because she was too busy bagging her bags to flee from Europe.


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