Thursday, 18 January 2018

Igor Alberts giving his statement about resigning OneCoin

Igor Alberts was allegedly the top earner of OneCoin/OneLife before leaving the company at the turn of the year. Alberts joined immediately to another scheme called DagCoin and started promoting it spicing things up with comparing OneCoin/OneLife to Titanic.

Igor Alberts: 
"The higher we get, actually, the closer you get to the top, and the responsibility comes to you – it's growing."
– I don't know what responsibility has to do with pocketing shitloads of money from his downline and leaving the company at the verge of final collapse.

"I'm not a tech guy, I'm a believer. But at a certain moment whatever belief you have, you must not be ignorant. And we get heavy questions, and we had no clue what to answer.
But you know, we believed... Aaand that changed unfortunately since the event in Lisbon where the captain of our ship didn't appear. It was meant to be... we had high belief to Dr. Ruja Ignatova, and I don't know, the real truth, I really have no clue what has happened to her."

Then Alberts goes on explaining how he tried to get answers from the company but couldn't get any, nor was he able to find someone responsible now that Ruja Ignatova was gone.

He also wonders what happened to Edward Ludbrook, who was the Chief Leadership Officer of OneCoin. "We don't even know if he resigned or he get fired."

Alberts brings up also the exit of OneCoin's short-term CEO, Pierre Arens. According to Pierre Arens himself, he decided to left the company because of "a lack of leeway as a leader". Apparently Alberts was told that Arens had a heart attack and left the company because health issues. 

As a side note, it's funny that nobody seems to remember Pablo Munoz anymore. He just disappeared from the position of OneLife's CEO without a trace soon after being introduced to the ponzi victims.

Igor Alberts confirms that OneCoin leaders bought a blockchain in 2016 

"Some of our other uplines told us: Yeah, you know what we did, don't worry, we built a blockchain already a year ago."
– This also goes along with the known case of failed attempt to hire a blockchain specialist from Norway, Bjorn Bjercke. Finally DXmarkets was a company the ponzi managed to have a relationship with and a white paper was delivered in May 2017. However, I don't think that went quite as it was planned, because the whole thing was just an awkward mess.

Alberts continues:  
"Now we were shocked! When we hear from our upline leaders that they built the blockchain. Why should they build, because we have a blockchain? They said: but for the case that ... (there wasn't any)"
– And so it appears that there hasn't been much management in the scam for a long time but mismanagement to spread rumours and confusion in the network. Even the top scammers haven't received information about what was going on.


The rest of the video is mostly about Igor promoting DagCoin scam, which is pretty much like OneCoin but in different wrappers. Again we have education packages full of ponzi and a pyramid scheme to go along with it. Oh, and there are a lot of familiar faces from OneCoin too!

Igor Alberts let's us know that it was his friend Kari Wahlroos who persuaded him to join DagCoin. However, this time he is doing his due diligence: 
"I pulled up every possible technical question that I could come up with. And you know what, I get all the answers."

– Well, this all comes from a man who just a while ago said he's not a tech guy, and who still doesn't know how to say "directed acyclic graph". 

I must say that I'm amazed how these so called leaders are so incapable of spotting obvious scams while they are heavily involved in one and busy pocketing money. – Now, the question is, would you take business advices from them?

Source: Statement of Igor Alberts on Facebook.

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