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OneCoin - DealShaker's New Year's Flush!

2017 was supposed to be "the year of merchants" according to OneCoin/OneLife. Instead it has been the year of collapse and decomposition for the ponzi-pyramid with several top scammers leaving the sinking ship.

At the London event in June 2016 Ruja Ignatova presented her goal and vision: "1 million merchants and 10 million members in two years". During the same event comically pompous Ignatova also presented OneCoin's new slogan, "The Bitcoin Killer". Let's see what's the situation now, about one and a half year later.

Remember the vision?

The goal set at the London event June 2016.

At the moment the counters of DealShaker show about 55.000 registered merchants and a bit above 300.000 individuals who have ever logged in to the website. These figures are very small-scale considering that the company itself claims to have well over 3 million members.

This screenshot was taken 4 January 2018.

One can of course argue what's the credibility of a counter set by a notorious scam. Nevertheless, the counter on OneLife's website falls back from 10 million members quite a bit showing 3.3 million members at the moment.

Personally I would presume the scam having hundreds of thousands of members instead of millions. I base my estimation on following web traffic statistics available on and, OneCoin's popularity on GoogleTrends compared to other search terms and scams. Also the amount of OneCoin's Facebook likes and general member activity online are modest for such a cult like movement of "millions of members". 

This screenshot was taken 4 January 2018.

DealShaker's New Year's Flush

At the very turn of the year almost 4.000 deals expired from DealShaker in an instance. All in all there was about 12.000 deals before that, so this means that about one third of the deals disappeared from the platform. Nope, this wasn't a huge success as a Christmas discount sales, but thousands of shitty deals just expiring. 

The graph below shows the amount of deals available throughout the year 2017 and also the deep fall of the available deals at the turn of the year.

The graph shows that the number of available deals is now about the same as it was in March 2017.

It's also worth noticing that from the registered 55.000 merchants only about 8.000 (15 %) have deals on the platform. The actual number of merchants having deals on the platform is even smaller, because there are a lot of merchants having several active deals. 

What comes to OneCoin's member base, during the first year of DealShaker only about 300.000 members bothered to log in to the website. This is rather strange considering that the company itself claims that there are "millions" of enthusiastic onecoiners out there. Even I myself have logged in to the platform a couple of times to check it out.

The failure of the platform didn't come as a surprise to anyone outside the cult. However, it's still used as a marketing tool for OneCoin despite DealShaker being an awful mess and merely pointing out the actual situation of the scam.

The growth of the DealShaker doesn't go along with the amount of deals

Despite the amount of deals has been fluctuating quite a bit and finally dropping with staggering 4.000, there has been a continuous and linear growth of merchants and logged-in-members throughout the existence of DealShaker.

According to the graphs below one should expect that the number of deals should have rising in a similar way. Instead there has been a very low participance from the merchant side with only a small minority of them actually making deals.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

PS. Thanks to the contributor who helped with this article with the graphs, details and figures about DealShaker and the follow-up of the platform!

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  1. Dealshitter turned one year old today. Reading from above gives a good summary of the first year - lots of smoke and mirrors.


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