Monday, 2 April 2018

Bunny Token marketing scampaign

In case you are new to this subject, I recommend reading first my review of Bunny Token scam here.

Although apparently launched only a month ago, Bunny Token seems to have been investing heavily into marketing itself not relying only spreading by word-of-mouth.

Usually these type of schemes use MLM based pyramid building, which is a cheap and very popular way among scams to spread their disease. However, Bunny Token doesn't operate using network marketing. It does have a referral program promising extra tokens which amount to 10 % of the investment made by referral, but other than that it seems to concentrate on preying on gullible individuals.

I find it surprising that Bunny Token has used substantial sums of money in marketing itself. The YouTube ad that I saw has been running since 23 March and it has already well over 1.7 million views. That's about 170.000 views per day. Based on a calculator available on Google AdWords, that requires an ad budget of around 2000 euros per day. There's also another video published a month ago on their channel that has about 1.4 million views.

What comes to the "expert reviews" referred on, for instance, publishing a press release such as this on Cointelegraph costs 0.8 BTC - that was worth well over 7000 euros at the time of publishing.

On the Bunny Token website there are also five individuals from porn industry introduced as "The BunnyToken Advisors". Apparently they have all given their permission to use their name and faces to promote the scheme. I would suspect that they didn't agree on this free of charge. Actresses Kira Queen and Eva Berger even appear in Bunny Token's marketing videos.

Considering that the Alexa rankings of are sky rocketing, the marketing scampaign of the company might be well worth all the costs after all. Regardless that most of the visitors in their website are likely just kicking the tires, there's a fraction that's gullible enough to invest. When that fraction is from millions of visitors, it's enough to produce profits for the scammers.

Who's behind all this?

The bottom of the Bunny Token's website mentions "Bunny Software LTD. Suite C, Orion Mall,Palm Street, Victoria Seychelles". Since the company is apparently registered in Seychelles, it's likely that we will never learn who is behind the company that launched Bunny Token. The founders presented on the website, Alexander Maslov, Vasilisa Yakubo and Andrei Kazarin appear to be fake persons that really don't exist.

That been said, it's easy for the company to just disappear when its time is due. There will be nobody to reach and nobody to sue.


  1. Let me guess: any gullible idiot willing to invest in this will have to pay in bitcoins? Bank accounts would at least make it possible to try to track the money.

    (My autocorrect first gave me “pay in butcoins”, which was surprisingly funny.)

    1. BunnyToken accepts also Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin.

      Like you wrote, bank accounts are too dangerous for scammers to use, because the transfers are traceable, and as we have seen, bank accounts can be frozen due money laundering suspicions.

      Many scams of today try their best to avoid bank wire as a means of payment. If bank wire is used, there's usually a third party involved.

  2. Yes but this guys use ethereum network where everything is tracable.They cannot wothdraw tokens because there is smart contract.

    1. Traceable to where? Could you please elaborate how does the smart contract prevent those scammers from getting financial benefit from the scheme? I'm not an expert in this area and couldn't find information to clarify this subject.


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