Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Bunny Token scam update – Staff cuts

After I made a post revealing that the team behind Bunny Token was full of made-up persons, there has been some severe staff cuts made. Almost everyone of the team has been deleted from Bunny Token's website except the three "founders" of the scheme, Alexander Maslov, Vasilisa Yakubo and Andrei Kazarin. I seriously doubt that these founders of Bunny are real persons either, but for some reason their faces remain for the time being.

Screencap from taken 11 April 2018. Click to enlarge.

Most of the made-up persons have also been removed from Facebook. At the moment only some of them still have profile pages available.

Some of the made-up persons have even given their ratings to Bunny Token on Facebook. – Kalla Baars, why only 4 stars? :)

Advisor of Bunny Token: "For me this not a scam."

BunnyToken Advisors. Click to enlarge.

I approached one of the advisors of Bunny Token, Alex Eikster, to ask whether he was aware of being involved. He was kind enough to give me a couple of short answers. 

According to Eikster he is not only aware of being an advisor but also knows the owners of BunnyToken. He doesn't consider Bunny Token as a scam. 

I wrote him about all the red flags and the team of fake persons and also asked who the owner of this business is, but Eikster refused to give any comments. 

Eikster: "I think all information about BunnyToken have on website." 
– Yes, I think I can agree on this. All the information needed is on the website.


  1. Hi, I think I got scammed so ... I'm new in this industry I fell in the trap.

    So their is no way to get my money back ? :(

    1. I'm afraid so. You have made your investment in cryptocurrency so unless BunnyToken voluntarily refunds the sum, there's nothing much you can do.

      If there was a bank account, it could be frozen. Cryptocurrency is a new way for scams to collect easy money, and with practically no risks involved.

      So you can of course make a request to BunnyToken to have your investment refunded, but I don't think they will do that because it's an obvious scam.

  2. I've read many site reviews of sites that say that it is a good crypto, all of this should be suited it isn't true?

    1. Sorry I bad wrote, all the sites who agreed with bunny token campaign should be suited for reporting false informations?

    2. I would say that pretty much all of them are paid by BunnyToken or the websites are somehow corrupted. BunnyToken has practically contaminated a lot of websites and ICO review sites with its false marketing. For example, articles on CoinTelegraph and Merkle are paid advertorials/press releases.

      If there happens to be a review site that isn't paid by Bunny Token, that review site should be considered a very poor one and not trustworthy.

      It should go without saying that any company or ICO who is marketing itself with blatant lies shouldn't be trusted. The fact alone that the whole team of Bunny Token is fake people that don't really exist should be enough to alarm people not to put a dime into this.

    3. And what do you think about the fact that important sites like bubble Escort has partnered with them

    4. What makes you think that Bubble Escort is an important site? By the looks of it, it really seems shady.

    5. Because I've done seo and Sem researchs and it's not the last on the list

    6. "Not the last on the list"? Well, that must be pretty impressive for anyone who doesn't want to be the last on the list.

      A shady escort service operating in London is a major breakthrough for Bunny Token in your opinion?

      I would say that any escort service that is going to accept an obvious scam-coin is not to be trusted either.

    7. I invested in it and I hope it won't be a scam and I so I'm trying to see the things on a brighter side, but I have to say that I noticed too when they deleted names of the stuff from the site, who knows, thank you for your informations, and hoping for the best, keep us udpdated

    8. I'm sorry for your loss.

      It's not just that they deleted names of the stuff from the website. The fact is that the deleted members of the team as well as the remaining ones are made-up persons, all fake. You should read my first post about Bunny Token:

    9. If an escort service accepts payment in bunny token how is that a scam?? It's just a place to spend your bunny token.
      It seems like you just have a personal issue with this coin.

    10. I don't have any personal issues with Bunny Token. I'm just interested in scams and publishing information about them. Maybe you have a personal issue about me publishing facts about this scam?

      Whether a shady escort service operating in London accepts a non existing payment method is rather irrelevant considering all the red flags surrounding Bunny Token.

      You somehow seem to be perfectly fine with Bunny Token removing almost entire team from its website after it turned out that they are fake persons. Neither does all the dishonest marketing by Bunny Token bother you.


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