Thursday, 26 April 2018

Bunny Token – Vasilisa Yakubo appearance

A co-founder and the COO of Bunny Token, Vasilisa Yakubo, was one of those team members of Bunny Token that I suspected being a fake person. – And I still do. I think the evidence I presented and Bunny Token removing almost the entire team from its website afterwards speaks for itself. Many of the team members had also their Facebook profile page removed in an instance, including Yakubo.

However, the following three persons are still visible on Bunny Token's website: Alexander Maslov, Vasilisa Yakubo and Andrei Kazarin. Although their Facebook profile pages indicate that they are all fake persons, there might be a person matching the photo involved in Bunny Token.

I have searched the internet for Vasilisa Yakubo, but she really doesn't seem to exist outside Bunny Token. I tried also cyrilic version of the name, Василиса Якубо, which lead to only five search results on Google, all related to Bunny Token. I did manage to find her on Facebook page, but the content of her profile page was matching to all the other fake persons I found – and like already said, the profile page doesn't exist anymore. 

Nevertheless, Bunny Token has released a video with Vasilisa Yakubo featuring for "a tell-all interview". Well, it's rather a prewritten statement than an interview, and pretty far from telling all, but it does reveal that Yakubo apparently can't speak much English because the whole two-minute speech is in Russian. That's rather strange considering that Yakubo's Facebook profile and her CV claim that she has studied in Harvard Business School. I presume that they do teach in English in Boston. I guess Vasilisa Yakubo is a pseudonym then.

I have also asked Bunny Token on its Facebook page why they have a team of fake persons. I was not surprised that my comment was soon deleted by Bunny Scam instead giving any answers.

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  1. Totally agree with you. These are obviously fake profiles. I do speak Russian and such person (Yakubo) simply does not exist on Russian Internet. Good point about Harvard Business School. In fact, the way she reads the text looks like she has barely graduated from high school. I assume those girls are all from adult industry that are simply paid to appear online. 100% scam.


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