Konstantin Ignatov pleaded guilty, admits that OneCoin was a scam

During Wednesday's court session of Mark Scott's case about OneCoin related money laundering it was revealed that Konstantin Ignatov was now a cooperating witness of the government and had already pleaded guilty. He also admitted that OneCoin was a fraud scheme.

Inner City Press has been covering the story via live Twitter feeds. Below is the part where Konstantin refers to OneCoin as a fraud scheme, also his cooperation with the government and the plea deal are mentioned:

AUSA = An Assistant United States Attorney

Among other interesting details of the scam revealed during the session Konstantin accuses other top OneCoin scammers of stealing from OneCoin. For example "Mr. Aziz stole at least 100 million euros from OneCoin" and "Sebastian Greenwood stole over $100 million".

According to Konstantin there was a safe size of a small room in Sofia and an apartment in Hong Kong full of cash. Apparently there were huge amounts of cash in those stashes. No wonder the company desperately needed experts to launder money.

Konstantin: "The money came from a criminal activity." – OneCoin scammers have been awfully silent today.

Konstantin also tells that Ruja had a boyfriend, Gilbert Armenta, a US citizen and a "business partner and major money launderer".

If Konstantin wasn't lying during the court session not even he knows where Ruja is. 

Living surrounded by professional scammers and liars apparently can make one paranoid. Ruja wasn't even trusting her boyfriend much and decided to spy on him. Lucky for her she was right to do so and found out that Armenta was working with the FBI.

– Ruja, you spineless asshole… your victims didn't deserve to be scammed by you. It's not cool.

Here's the audio of the recorded call of Ruja calling to her lover Gilbert Armenta.

According to Scott's lawyer Konstantin didn't know that there was no blockchain. Thus it could be plausible that neither did Scott know that. 

During the court session Konstantin claimed that he really believed that there was a blockchain. It was showed to him by an "I.T. guy" called Ivan.

Konstantin himself lied in Colombia in March 2018 about being one of the few who knew that the blockchain really existed. He was then bragging that only three people besides himself knew about the blockchain; Ruja, his mother (Veska Ignatov) and OneCoin's "legal". Here it is on a video: 

According to judge Ramos the trial of Mark Scott could last 2–3 weeks. The trial of Konstantin was supposed to start today. Hopefully we'll get some news about the plea deal then.

I recommend following Inner City Press live feed on Twitter to get the news while they are hot.

Update 13 November, 2019:

Konstantin's plea deal


  1. The blockchain thing is unnecessary sidetrack.
    (Please keep in mind I’m not defending Scott, Konstantin or OneCoin here Onecoin is a scam and I have no doubt they both knew it), I’m merely playing with the possibilities of “without reasonable doubt”:

    Sure, Konstantin has been on the stage around the world as a “Captain” of OneCoin, telling how awesome blockchain it has. Fact.
    Now, if Konstantin (in court) testifies that he didn’t know there was no blockchain – i.e. everybody told him there is one, provided him with all kinds of false info about the non-existing blockchain and he never had a reason to suspect this info given to him…
    …there is clearly a reasonable doubt Konstantin has been unaware that the blockchain does not exist. And therefore Mark Scott could have been unaware of it too.

    Then to the proper argument:
    Mark Scott as a lawyer should have done his due diligence on where the OneCoin money flow comes from and where it goes to.
    Mark Scott then should have understood that a company paying recruitment fees from the membership fees of newly recruited members is a pyramid scam.
    Mark Scott also should have understood that when returns of investment are paid from the subsequently invested funds, it is a Ponzi fraud.
    And therefore Mark Scott should have been aware that OneCoin is a scam and he is laundering criminal proceedings.

    This, to me, can be stated without reasonable doubt.
    Rest my case.

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