Wednesday, 21 June 2017

OneCoin - Reps using fake news

After losing all public bank accounts OneCoin has had, the scam has been withering away in Europe for months. In addition to serious banking problems also regulators and authorities have been closing in on OneCoin in Europe. All this has driven the top scammers from EU region to concentrate heavily on screwing people in Asia, Africa and South America.

Norway is going to be no way for OneCoin's ponzi business

There are countries in the EU region such as Germany and Italy who have already banned all activities of OneCoin. 

Also Norwegian authorities are now closing in on OneCoin. A letter dated 6th of June from the Norwegian Gaming Board directed to OneCoin /OneLife states:

"The Lottery Authority asks you to provide names and addresses of those who operate OneLife OneCoin in Norway by receiving revenues from OneLife OneCoin and are members resident in Norway. We also want to be informed of which Member State / Title the different persons are hair. Please send us this information as soon as possible and by 20 June 2017."

The deadline to fulfil Gaming Board's request was yesterday. Unless OneCoin's Norwegian representatives were even able or willing to provide all the necessary information - which I seriously doubt - there are going to be consequences:

"Failure to fulfill the documentation requirement is penalized, cf. section 17 of the Lottery Act."

It remains to be seen what happens next. So far there has been no statements from OneCoin regarding the situation in Norway.

OneCoin - The Future of Delayments

All OneLife Network Ltd can do at this point is to come up with new ways to delay the inevitable end of the scam. Closing, DealShaker and IPO/OFC plots just keep this end of the charade dragging on.

Google Trends has been showing declining interest towards OneCoin starting from the mid November 2016. Comparing its chart next to the one of Recyclix, which is a ponzi pyramid that already collapsed, noticeable similarities can be seen how these collapsing scams attract less and less attention. A significant difference between OneCoin and Recyclix is that the latter went down very quickly after losing its bank accounts. OneCoin on the other hand can still operate through some shady bank accounts and extensive money laundering.

It goes without saying that these graphs are not showing growing networks. Also bear in mind that Google Trends shows the overall popularity of a search term - including searches done by both sides, those who are members and those who are not.

OneCoin reps spreading fake news

As a countermeasure for all bad press OneCoin reps like to spread fake news to lure gullible people to hand their savings to them. The reps are known to also advice people not to search information about OneCoin from Google. That's because there's already so much information available revealing the scam as it is.


The latest fake news launched was about Vietnam's government issuing a trading license to OneCoin:

There was only a photographed document in Vietnamese to support the claim, but that didn't stop the scammers from using it as a proof. A Vietnamese newspaper ĐẤU THẦU published an article yesterday revealing that the document was in fact forged.


At OneLife event in Tokyo 2017 OneCoin's new CEO Pierre Arens goes as far as exploiting Olympics to promote the ponzi scam:
"We want to be the number one cryptocurrency to be used for Tokyo 2020...
So that all athletes that come from around the world, the journalists that come from around the world, they do not need to exchange their local currency to Yen, they can of course do that, but it’s much easier for them just to go into a shop, buy their tickets online and pay with OneCoin. So here we are, ladies and gentlemen."

- I wonder what the International Olympic Committee might think about that bullshit you shat from your mouth, Pierre.


  1. TBH, Pierre did not say that OneCoin is going to be the official cryptocurrency for Tokyo, he said he would like it to be.

    But as usual, OneCoin does not in any way publish any public corrections for the cases where OneScammers stretch the story into new lengths.

    That has been the case during the whole life of OneCoin:
    OneCoin officially has never said Ruja has IQ of 200, but they haven't corrected that story either.
    OneCoin officially has never said that the Philippine workers in Dubai will be paid in OneCoins, but they haven't corrected that story either.
    OneCoin officially has never said that AliBaba and eBay will accept OneCoins, but they haven't corrected that story either.
    And the merchant platform made by same folks that built Alibaba. And all the "OneCoin has been found legal by police of XYZ" stories. And, and, and,...

    1. "TBH, Pierre did not say that OneCoin is going to be the official cryptocurrency for Tokyo, he said he would like it to be."

      - I didn't claim that he did. However, he mentions specifically "Tokyo 2020" and implies that OneCoin could be the solution for all different nationalities there as a means of transaction. He also suggests that onecoins could be used to "buy tickets" - I suppose he means tickets to various sporting events at the Olympics.

      Of course, it's like you wrote, OneCoin and its reps have a history of launching lies to circle around among the true believers.

      One could say that it isn't important for onecoiners what Pierre Arens says, it's more important what he doesn't. It's like onecoin's value - there isn't any real value, but if you believe in it, you can imagine it.

  2. There is a notable difference between Pablo (the former CEO that apparently suffers from amnesia and does not remember he was a CEO of OneLife) and Pierre (the new CEO of OneCoin): Pablo was almost unseen during his time as CEO and spent most of his few speeches talking about "building the network for selling education", not seeming to remember the "cryptocurrency of the future".
    Pierre has already started spreading BS and making statements that are almost certain to be misinterpreted and then spread. Was the original (misinterpreted) Vietnam news launched by Pierre too?


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