OneCoin lost its secret bank account in Dubai

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank seems to have already frozen the secret bank account OneCoin had via its shell company SAFA Trading Ltd. The shell company was used for money transfers above 7500 euros.

I have to give credit to the bank for its swift action against money laundering. Hopefully this will prevent at least some of the ponzi victims from losing their money.

The Spanish bank they still have an account in hasn't reacted yet. The bank account in question has been used for money transfers below 7500 euros. However, now that the Dubai bank froze the account, OneCoin scammers were forced to change the direction of money flow to Spain. Currently offers only the Spanish bank for wire deposits. It remains to be seen how long it takes for the Banco Sabadell to react.

Just to ensure that SAFA Trading Ltd. mentioned in this blog post doesn't get mixed with legitimate companies, here's information about the company's address:
SAFA Trading Ltd., P.O. Box 122036, Dubai, U.A.E

Now OneCoin and the shell companies partnered with it have at least 16 frozen bank accounts.


  1. Thumbs up (again) for your articles!

    1. Thanks!

      Here's a little treat spotted on Murobbs (a Finnish discussion board): OneCoin has made it again and achieved media coverage, this time on Italian Business Insider:

    2. Google translation of the title: "OneCoin: no, not Bitcoin and smell a rat a mile away".

      I think this is brief and to the point :-)


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