Monday, 10 July 2017

Indian police include Ruja Ignatova on its chargesheet

The Police in India is certainly giving a hard time to crumbling OneCoin scam. There has already been 23 representatives of the scam arrested. According to the police the accused have operated 35 bank accounts registered in names of varied private firms, which saw transactions of over Rs 75 crore, which is about 10.2 million euros. The police were able to have about 3.4 million euros seized while the accused moved away the rest of the money as soon as the arrests were made.

An article published today on the Indian EXPRESS tells that the Navi Mumbai Police have filed a chargesheet against the promoters of OneCoin. Booked were also two Bulgarian nationals, including Ruja Ignatova.

So far OneCoin has either distanced itself from any accusations or kept an awkward silence. However, this time her dictatorship herself has been accused. - Certainly she can't tolerate this kind of treatment and rushes to India to clear her name, and while doing so also saves those poor souls accused of promoting a scam!

Foreign OneCoin scammers have been avoiding India for months

It has been no wonder that top OneCoin scammers have been cancelling their India tours after police there started to discipline the ponzi.

There was supposed to be a tour by Muhammad Zafar and Kari Wahlroos in June 25-26, but the duo made some excuses to avoid setting their foot on Indian soil. Zafar claimed that there was some problems getting their visa confirmed. Meanwhile Wahlroos explained that the event was postponed to July due a "tight schedule".

So is it problems with visa or "tight schedule"? 

Yeah, right. I haven't seen any event plans for India anymore. 

Earlier in the Spring a OneCoin promoter from the U.S. Tom McMurrain was supposed to have a tour in India 27-30 April, but he suddenly chickened out from it after news about arrests made in India were published 25th of April.

While there was no other bookings in his schedule McMurrain chose to stay at home and focused on launching webinars and even tried to have my Facebook account closed. Needless to say, he had absolutely no reason to report my account and he managed to cause no harm to me. However, this sort of action by McMurrain only reveals what kind of devious character he is.


  1. I wonder what I should make out of this?
    Austria is issuing a ban of OneCoin to hand out credit cards? Or?

    1. I'm just guessing here, but maybe OneCoin Ltd has a bank account with huge amount of cash that they were trying to launder away from Bulgaria. Maybe some money laundering efforts in Austria have backfired?


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